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You are the first one who will meet the latest Satsuma buttons drawn by Shiho Murota. You are the first one who will meet the latest Satsuma buttons painted by Shiho Murota.








The amazing Satsuma-yaki technique is used to draw works in millimeter on Kagoshima's traditional craft "White Satsuma" creating a palette such as gold. It is a piece of jewelry-like art that can be used to dress up kimono obi and tailor-made clothes, and to add even more refined elegance. It is said that its history began in the late Edo period and became a military fund for the Satsuma Domain to obtain the foreign capital necessary for the movement to overthrow the shogunate (mid-19th century Japan) Many of the designs are Japanese, such as the scenery of life and the Ukiyoe ; traditional Japanese wood prints, and are considered to be extremely valuable to Western collectors as one of the cultures of Japonism. After that, because of the delicate technique, the number of kilns decreased, and the creators disappeared. After that, in 2005, it was revived by Shiho Murota as a Satsuma button that fits with the modern age.